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It's all about access.

Access to information is key for women's ability to take control of their bodies.

We optimise for maximum accessibility in low-resourced settings around the world.


In the privacy of our users' homes, the Grace App is a safe place for breaking taboos and stigmas around female fertility.


With an easily accessible language, the Grace App educates and helps our users to make informed health decisions.


Low-weight, the Grace App provides a first-class user experience with only 7.5MB!

This saves storage on our users' phones and requires low-data usage.


How to delete your account ?

1. Navigate to profile

Screenshot_20240124_224411_Grace Debug.jpg
Screenshot_20240124_224411_Grace Debug.jpg

2. Tap the gear icon

3. Scroll to delete account option.

Screenshot_20240124_224243_Grace Debug.jpg
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