Delivering impact through scale.

Half of the world’s population still lacks access to essential health services, and women are disproportionately underserved.


 Yet, 1.9 billion women in middle and low-income countries own their own phones. 

Opportunity? ​

We think so. 

By combining advanced mobile technology and low resource design, Grace Health is serving the underserved by delivering instant, discrete and reliable access to women’s health services and information - achieving impact at scale. ​

By using the Grace health chat platform, women:

Today, Grace Health is serving 200 000 women across East and West Africa. ​

✔︎ Increase knowledge around sexual and reproductive health questions 

✔︎  Enhance the sense of comfort and control around sexual and reproductive health 

✔︎ Spark increased interest and conversation around sexual and reproductive health behavior 

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By leveraging high tech mobile technology in a light way, we deliver instant access to women’s health services and information at scale. Today, our service exists in the hands of 200,000 women, predominantly in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.  
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The #1 go-to Service in Ghana & Nigeria

Repurposing high tech

We are a collection of minds wanting to adopt a new paradigm of thoughts and technologies to solve global challenges. We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent that wants to XXXX . 

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Pic on Thérèse and Estelle

Grace Health was founded in 2017 by Thérèse Mannheimer and Estelle Westling, both having an urge to rethink, redesign and redistribute health services at scale. 

Our insights (our tech)

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  • Designing for the next billion users

  • How we work with “real” AI (Kristina)

  • Disrupting NLP for West African English

Interested in knowing more how it is working at Grace? 

Featured on/Press


The Times (link to article) - The Understanding Fertility special report, published in The Times, discusses why fertility education is vital, how femtech could tackle the stigma holding back fertility awareness in Africa, and how advances in both technology and society have made it easier


Brilliant Minds (link to youtube video) - Grace Health got invited to speak at

Brilliant Minds as the next in tech. Other conference speakers included President Barack Obama, Secretary John Kerry and Gwyneth Paltrow to Offset and Naomi Campbell. 


Essity (link to article) - Mentioned by the global femcare brand Essity as an important innovation to improve global menstrual literacy.  


DiDigital -



Sophia Award by Bisnode - AI for the Greater Good

With a clear vision, a well thought out business concept and a deep understanding of the target group's conditions and needs, founders Thérèse Mannheimer and Estelle Westling show how business, smart technology and social benefits can go hand in hand.



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