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5 natural ways to boost your chances to conceive

Trying to conceive can be a wonderful thing! Lots of couples feel excited and mostly it's a boost to the relationship, both sexually and emotionally. A woman who is under 35 years and has fairly regular cycles is most likely to get pregnant during the first year of trying to conceive. A great way of increasing the chances is getting to know your cycle and being able to figure out symptoms of the fertile period to be able to have sex during the fertile days. You can do this by downloading the Grace app here. Women older than 40 years can have some difficulties when trying to conceive as well as women who have their period rarely. So how then can you boost your chances naturally? Here are 5 things you can do:

Learn your cycle

Learning and understanding your cycle could help you know when you are most likely to ovulate, which helps you plan for sex at the ‘right’ time. To do this you will need to track your period and symptoms consistently for a couple of months in a row. Luckily for you, with Grace, you can do all this from one place using the app. To learn more about how to use the app to track ovulation signs, check this blog post!

Get the right timing for sex

It goes without saying that in order to time sex for pregnancy you need to know when you are in your fertile days to anticipate ovulation. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by again tracking your period and also noticing fertile bodily signs. Have sex frequently, at least every two to three days before your predicted ovulation date, to make sure you don't miss the ovulation window.

Take Grace’s Fertility Evaluation

Evaluating the current state of your and your partner’s fertility can be a smart way to know where to focus in terms of improving your chances. Sometimes people don’t know where to start or what could be causing a delayed pregnancy, hence understanding which aspects of your health and lifestyle could be improved aids in the process.

Live a healthy lifestyle

If you are familiar with Grace, you might have already come across how much a healthy lifestyle is important for a successful conception. This… And we cannot stress it enough! …This contributes to not only succeded at getting pregnant but also sustaining a pregnancy. If you are still wondering what a healthy lifestyle means in this case, think of; avoiding smoking, alcohol and drugs, adopting a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, taking pre-natal supplements, maintaining a healthy body weight (that could involve light exercise routinely) and so on.

Ask for help

Learning when to ask for help can be crucial and a step in the right direction. This applies to all those who might be experiencing irregular periods, symptoms that point to reproductive health issues and hormonal imbalances, several recurrent miscarriages and those who have been trying to conceive for more than a year without success. A tip here is that you are the person who knows your body the best. By observing and monitoring you can tell when something is off and if it needs medical attention. The body sends signals all the time, so keep an eye out for them. Make sure to keep tracking your symptoms and signs in the Grace app.

Don’t force things

Yes, you really want to hold that baby in your arms, but sometimes when we force things we do more harm than good. Trying to conceive is already hard enough for many and it might come with a lot of pressure and emotional stress. It’s for this reason that we need to remember to be kind to ourselves and prioritize our mental health first. After all, a conception journey coupled with mental health concerns and worries might not go so well when you think of the sustaining of the pregnancy, should you conceive. So if you don't feel like having sex or if you or your partner is feeling sick, don't stress! You can continue to try the next month! Try to stay loving and considerate.

In conclusion

Most couples will conceive during the first year of trying, and yes, it is normal to take that long. Being able to predict the fertile window will help you to succeed so a great tip is to be able to identify fertile discharge! Try not to feel pressure if it takes a while, maybe have some rest from it if it gets too stressful. If you still haven't conceived after a year, then consider seeing a doctor.

Stay informed, stay in control. Did you find this helpful? Click here to download the app now!

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