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Does Vagina Size Matter?

Whenever the question about size is brought up, it is often been directed to men in terms of penis size and sexual pleasure. But something that is not talked about enough is the vagina size. This is a common concern among women who have just had a baby and are planning to get back to sexual activities. We would love to reassure you that no size is too big or too small. Everyone’s body is different. We can’t all have the same feet or hands and the same applies to the vagina. This is not something we say to just make you feel better it’s the truth!

What do you need to know about the vagina!

Guess what? Just like a man’s penis grows in length when he’s sexually excited, a woman’s vagina also grows in depth. The typical depth of a woman’s unaroused vagina ranges from 2.75 to 3.25 inches. After arousal, the vagina lengthens to measure from 4.25 to 4.75 inches. The vagina also dilates, and the clitoris and vulva increase in size. The cervix lifts slightly to accommodate an erect penis being inserted inside the vagina. Since the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches long, a vagina can accept an even larger penis. Remember one of the main functions of the vagina is to birth babies.

Can vaginas become too loose after too much sex?

This is probably one of the biggest myths told. The whole idea that a vagina can become permanently stretched out from too much sex is used to shame sexually liberated women. Let’s get this straight, Intercourse does not permanently stretch the vagina. Instead, just like a penis returns to its non-erect length once a man is no longer aroused, a vagina also returns to its unaroused size.

What about childbirth does it loosen the vagina?

No, not a chance. Childbirth does not stretch out a vagina permanently. While it will stretch to allow a baby to pass through it eventually shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy state after. However, some women report that they feel a little looser after childbirth. Experts say it’s normal to feel that it has become softer and more ‘open’. But this is something that pelvic floor exercises and Kegels can fix. These exercises help tone weak muscles and create a ‘less loose feeling’ vagina.

Because the myths about the size of the vagina worry many women. Some have had to look for new methods to fix what they term a 'loose' vagina. These methods include:


Since women still buy into the myth that vaginas “stretch out” after childbirth. They allow themselves to be sold dangerous procedures by plastic surgeons, such as vaginoplasty, that promise to “tighten up” a vagina. Because there’s no conclusive evidence that vaginoplasty can even tighten a vagina, it’s advisable to avoid such procedures. Especially since it can be dangerous. If you would like to make it feel less open try Kegels.

The husband stitch

This is yet another procedure that doctors have been known to sew into the vaginal opening following an episiotomy. An episiotomy is a procedure that allows the baby’s head to push quickly through the vaginal opening during birth. Usually, the doctor would make an incision into the posterior wall of the vagina to create a larger opening. After the procedure, some physicians put an extra stitch to tighten the vaginal opening. Although the main idea is to create more pleasure during sex, there’s no conclusive evidence that a smaller opening fulfils that purpose. Instead, women have complained of immense pain as the result of being sewn too tight after an episiotomy. So If you are thinking of a way of ‘tightening’ your vagina. Kegels is the answer!

So what really matters if not size?

Worrying if the size of your vagina is too big or if it will change over time specifically after childbirth, is not the way to go. Instead, other things like lubrication, arousal, and having a good relationship with your partner have a much greater impact on sexual enjoyment for women. In the same way, vagina size varies so does penis size.

Size doesn’t matter! There we said it.

Focus on communication between you and your partner and you will both enjoy each other.

Stay informed, stay in control What did you learn today?

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