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How to use the Grace app to conceive

Are you having a hard time understanding your menstrual cycle? The frustration might be even higher if you are on the journey to conceive. It's a fact that aspects like cycle length, signs, and symptoms could be vital indicators if you want to become pregnant faster. However, knowing all there is to it, might not be as easy as it sounds.

That's why the Grace app exists. With Grace, you can be in full control of your body and menstrual health. By tracking your period and symptoms, you will get fertility predictions and tips to help you on the journey. You can say goodbye to trying to calculate all this for yourself and trust Grace to do it for you.

How can I start?

As soon as you've downloaded the app, like any other good doctor-patient relationship, Grace will want to get to know you first. She'll ask what you are most curious about learning and your goals in the app. This will help set the foundation on how best Grace can help you get to where you want to be.

She will also ask about your menstrual cycle history, that is, how long your cycle length is, and if you can remember, the start date of your last period. This is important to formulate personalized and accurate predictions for you.

Why Is the cycle history important when trying to conceive?

A regularly occurring cycle means that ovulation is easier to predict. For example, if you can estimate how long your cycle will be then it is likely that you ovulate around the same time in each cycle. On the other hand, not being able to predict the next cycle length means that ovulation is occurring irregularly and could make conception harder. A regular cycle length ranges between 23-35 days. Identifying if your cycle falls within this range could help you plan for pregnancy.

Remember ovulation occurs on only one day of your cycle. To be exact, it only takes 12-24 hours. Knowing this, it is possible to conceive during the 6 fertile days prior to ovulation. Your menstrual symptoms could serve as key indicators for your general health. After consistent tracking, you will begin to notice patterns that could tell you if something is wrong with your health.

If you want to find out how long your cycle length is:

1. Type: 'Cycle length' in your chat with Grace.

2. Refer to the cycle card to see what day of your cycle you are in.

Once you know this you can begin observing your body changes and tracking symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle.

How do I go about tracking symptoms?

Tracking your symptoms is made easier with Grace. With just the click of a button, Grace can currently let you track your bleeding, discharge, sex, cramps, mood, headache, bloating, tender breast, and energy. All you'll need to do is select how you feel by choosing from a few options or using the slider to select the severity of the symptoms which could range from mild to severe.

Click the "track button", and select what you'd like to track.

Can I review my past tracked symptoms?

Yes! Grace keeps a score of how many times you recently tracked each symptom. This helps you identify any patterns in your cycle and as a result, helps you plan better in the months to come. The information with the tracked symptoms is under a feature known as the symptom card overview.

What about my fertile window?

As a woman trying to conceive, we are aware of how important the fertile window is in timing for conception. That’s why Grace provides daily visibility as to how fertile you are on each day of your cycle. That's right! On your Grace home screen, you get to see if your fertility is estimated as higher or lower.

You could also rely on Grace to send you a quick reminder when your fertile window is approaching.

Does the same apply to ovulation?

Yes! ovulation might be the

highlight for every TTC woman's cycle. Just like the fertile window, Grace has made it even more accessible to not only estimate when you are likely to be ovulating but also get prompted to track ovulation signs. Aside from this, you'll get a reminder on your phone on the predicted ovulation date.

After all this, what should I do next?

Well, one of the added advantages you have with Grace is the opportunity to ask questions regarding your cycle and get tips. You can do this by accessing the chat found at the bottom of your chat and typing what you need to do. The responses you get are instant and approved by medical experts.

Additionally, it is important to make it a habit of tracking each month to get the best results and more tips. The more you track the more Grace is able to tailor advice that is suitable for helping you on your conception journey.

Stay informed, stay in control.

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