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Facts about menstruation I wish I knew earlier

Updated: Apr 5

Article by Annabella Cornelly

Oct 19 2018 at Medium // Grace Health

I need hardly say that periods can utterly unsettle a woman. The levels of hormones change, the body loses a number of beneficial nutrients. You feel too weak to do anything, and your emotionalism is off the scale.

In fact, periods are quite a serious stress and strain for the female body. We may not notice the external manifestation of considerable changes as to typical behavior or a drastic change in mood. Yet, these days a woman experiences severe strain. And in the given article I would like to draw your attention to some very important points about menstruation.

Periods are not just “unpleasant days”

They are days which we must be ready and prepare for. We should drop all excess strain: not only physical but also mental and moral. I wish someone had explained to me the right attitude to these days.

You should not think of them like “oh, again they are coming!” Instead, you’d better figure out the approximate date of their beginning. Then you should think about how to put aside all redundant troubles. And how you can support yourself morally.

You shouldn’t ignore them and treat it as some unpleasant thing that you’d rather not pay attention to. This was my mistake for many years.

Preparing is normal and actually not that difficult

Some women these days prefer taking a walk in the fresh air. Some are in need of staying in bed with their soft toys or watching Netflix. And such desires are okay — your psychoemotional state is changing, and so are your needs. But your task is to explore yourself and realize how you can ease yourself with useful ways.

For example, you can think up a simpler plan of trainings. Or you can get rid of the unhealthy food in your fridge and replace it with tasty foods not so harmful.

Here’s another piece of advice to offer. Before the beginning of menstruation try to settle up all complications with your friends and family. Then during these days, you will not face a problem of having an argument. You’ll be able to have a restful and tranquil time.

Explore the symptoms you’re experiencing during periods

Many girls suffer from a good deal of discomfort when menstruating. Or rather, a GREAT deal of discomfort. In fact, it might be not normal. Besides, it may manifest itself both physically and psychologically. Be sure to tell about it in detail to your doctor.

We don’t enjoy perfect health, so many weak points are likely to worsen during periods as the body is weak. But if you feel extremely strong discomfort, there may be a problem. Then you need to consult a doctor.

Pain and too perceptible weakness is not normal

I didn’t know about it and just took analgesics every time I suffered pain. And the very first day gave me such a weakness that I nearly fainted. It’s only due to experience that I realized I lacked physical activity in my life. Even moving to another town and constant movement did not give me any perceptible result. But once I started to do cardio workouts in which my whole body took part, a result emerged immediately. In the next menstrual cycle, the pain passed. As for weakness, it ceased as soon as I had lent variety to my diet when I added some salubrious foods to it. So easy? Yes!

All my doctor did was prescribe to me a complex of painkillers. There was no advice about how to relieve pain without pills. So I wish I had trusted not only my doctor but myself as well. If your analyses are okay, but you feel you can do something more to your health, do it. Don’t spin it out. Discomfort kills all the beauty of days, the seriousness of it is undervalued.

Try looking at the bright side!

Try to treat periods as a perfect time for paying attention to various reactions of your organism. Then you’ll be able to determine its weak points and decide what you can do about it.

If you suffer from a severe emotional state, think about how often you hold yourself in check. If you experience weakness, consider your lifestyle. Do you take care of your health and immune system enough? If you suffer violent pain, ask yourself if there is enough physical activity in your life. A 20 minutes’ trip to your car and back doesn’t count.

And so on. No, I don’t find periods a great thing because they give a more clear insight into your health. But anyway, we have to experience them. And sooner or later we also must take a look at the general state of our health. So why not do it during these days, when the body clearly shows its weak points by itself?

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