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The Graceful Guide to female pleasure

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Female pleasure is oftentimes a taboo. As a child, how often did you hear things like "Don't touch there!", "Close your legs!", etc? As an adult, many women still carry that shameful association with touching or acknowledging their intimate parts.

That can sometimes reflect during sex too. According to some studies, only 39% of women regularly orgasm during sex, compared to 91% of men - this is called "the orgasm gap".

One of the reasons for this so-called “orgasm gap” is our lack of understanding of the vulva and clitoris, and of course, the stigma around… well, touching and seeing yourself. When women don't know their bodies too well, they do not know what gives them pleasure either! And although people can find a lot of information online these days, sex and the female body are often misinterpreted.

How well do you know your vagina? …What about your vulva? …Clitoris? “Wait, are the 3 even different?!” - you might be asking yourself. Worry not - if you’ve followed Grace for a while, you know that we are here to help!

Despite not aiming for this to be a boring anatomy class, we do need to start with some biological aspects - after that, some tips and tricks! Because after all, in order to ask your partner what you need to reach an orgasm, you first must know yourself, and what you like.

Introducing… ✨The Graceful Guide To Female Pleasure!✨

Download PDF • 3.76MB

Click to download it 👆🏽

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