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Terms of use 

Terms of use 

Terms of use 

Things we want you to know before using Grace


We would love if you took a moment to read this. We want you to know how Grace works and what your rights are. This pink text is here so you get a quick overview.
If you want the details, go ahead and read the legal text.
If you continue to use Grace, that means you agree with that text.
If you have any questions, just let us know! We love helping you! 


Who is Grace anyway? 

Grace is a chatbot, which means she is like a smart robot that has been programmed to understand. Grace is developed by the company Grace Health, based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is founded by two women and all the people who work at Grace Health are passionate about women’s health and helping YOU! [ 1.1 ]

Get in touch with us by emailing 

Is Grace a doctor? 

Grace is not a doctor but a smart robot  that you can ask questions and that will give you information about your body 24/7. We cannot promise that Grace always gives you a correct answer. If she doesn’t,  we cannot compensate you. After all, it’s just a robot, not a human being. [11.2] Just be a bit careful and if something is urgent or really important, talk to a doctor. [10.1]

Sometimes Grace doesn’t understand what I am writing or I get a strange reply! 

We are making Grace smarter and better all the time. We think it’s close to perfect even though we cannot guarantee it. [10.2]


How old do I have to be to use Grace?

Are you over 18? Congratulations, you can use Grace! If you are between 13 and 18 years old, you have to ask permission from you parents before you’re good to go. If you continue to chat with Grace, we assume that you are over 18 or that you have your parents’ permission if you are between 13 and 18. [3.1]

What can I chat about when using Grace?

We want this to be a safe space where you can share things about your health, symptoms (cramps, heavy flow etc.), how you are feeling, if and when you have sex and generally what you are experiencing.  You can feel safe sharing what you are going through with us. Read more here about how you can and should use Grace [3, 4].

Can I always go back and see what I wrote earlier?

You can always scroll back and read your whole conversation with Grace.  If you share something really important, it can be a good idea to save it somewhere else too

Why? Because we can’t promise everything will be saved forever. [5.6., 5.7., 5.8.]

Will I be able to use Grace forever <3 ?

As long as you use Grace for what it is made for, there’s no need to worry! [ 6 ]It is our goal to always be there for you (even though we cannot promise you forever) and we will continue to improve Grace [ 7 ] so it is possible that it will change over time.



Who can see what I write?

To find out more about who can see what you write, read our Privacy Policy here


What happens to everything I write?

The things you share with us are called ”user content”. [5.1.] User content can be what you write, a photo you share or any other information about you that you share with us. You know, all that information has a value. We use it in mainly three different ways.  [5.4., 5.5.] We’ll explain how!

1. We improve by learning about patterns and trends

When you and a lot of other women share similar stories and ask about symptoms or feelings, we learn a lot and we can see trends and patterns.  We use that to do research on what we need to improve for example [5.5.]. That means Grace can better predict when a woman will get her period and answer questions about women’s bodies etc. [5.9.] Got it? Basically,  user content is valuable and we use it to better help you and other women.

2. We can deliver useful products and services to you

We want to help you in as many ways as possible. We might offer you products and services that could be useful for you. You are always free to accept it or not. For example, because we can track your period, we could team up with a company and offer you a discount on tampons. If you accept, you could get them deliver right on time by that company . We could also team up with doctors and  let you chat with a clinician by  video, chat or a call. When we collaborate with companies that way, they pay for it. [5.5.] We think it is a win-win.

3. We can help more women use Grace 

We want all women to learn more about their bodies. We may use things you have shared with us to market and spread Grace to more women. If we share something you have written, it will be anonymous[5.5.]


In some rare cases, we need to use information we have for other reasons, like if the law tells us to [5.7].

I wanna know more!

If we end up in court, what happens?

If you would sue us or if we sue you, we could end up in court (we sure hope not). It would then be in the Swedish court system, in Sweden and Swedish laws would apply. Read the details here. [12]

Are there other texts I should read?

This text covers everything when it comes to how you can use Grace. [9] This pink text is just a short overview and explanation. 

What about privacy and GDPR? Who can see what I write? 

When it comes to how we take care of information you share with us, how we keep it safe, who can read it etc., you can find all that information in our Privacy Policy.

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