Grace is a period and ovulation tracker designed specifically for women in emerging markets

Because all women and girls have the right to learn about their own body and to feel normal. Period.


Join our team!

We are always looking to team up with people, corporations and clinical research facilities to collaborate on our mission to let women all over the world understand their bodies. 

Do you want to use Grace?

We are currently in building mode but please let us know if you are interested in becoming a early user and we will contact you when we launch the beta.                        


About Grace Health

We are a Stockholm based fem tech company focusing on developing scalable and user friendly health services to women in emerging markets with regards to technological settings, cultural needs and pre set knowledge. Using our business backgrounds in combination with regional experience and networks we hope to give millions of women the feeling of being what they are, normal. If you want to join our team, or collaborate in any way, please get in touch below.




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