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Ask me about female health.

Grace is a chatbot — an instant, private and free way to learn about your sexual & reproductive health. Track your period, symptoms and fertility, get tips and reminders.


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Get instant replies to your sexual & reproductive health questions


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Track your period & symptoms, get alerts on your PMS and plan ahead!


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Hawa, 30 & Rose, 31

"We love Grace! It's instant, feels safe and private. We always tell our friends about Grace."

Angela, 32

"I'm getting instant replies on all my questions and feedback on everything I'm tracking."

Rhodalyn, 23 

"Before using Grace I didn't understand my cycle since I didn't recognize my body signs. Now I feel like I’ve learned a lot!”

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Grace Health Period Tracker is a medical device that meets the high standards set by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

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