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Tailored Access Programs for your cause

Let's combine forces and create lasting Social Impact at scale

Grace Health is leading the way to positive behaviour shifts

1.3 million women receptive to health messaging spend time with Grace App regularly. 


Our niche audience of highly engaged and loyal users is growing fast, making Grace Health a powerful platform to reach and activate women in low-resource settings. 


We take great pride in being a Virtual Friend for safe and private conversations, getting at the heart of women's sexual and reproductive health choices. Women trust us with their most sensitive concerns, and we guide them without judging.


By breaking the barriers to health, such as low health literacy, low digital literacy, and high cost of healthcare, we empower women to take control of their bodies and give them the tools for lasting health behaviour shifts. 


Grace Health engages women from Awareness and Activation to Adherence, and thanks to our HCP Network of 600 clinics, we can offer our users lab tests, prescriptions and medical healthcare. 


We apply multi-channel tracking to measure the impact of our programs, offering auditable data for our partners.


Fast track to women in emerging markets


We tailor safe In-App programs for low health literacy to improve motivation and activate a behaviour shift.

Access Programs

Behaviour Change Programs

Health Engagement Programs


Retrieve impactful data on women's needs and behaviour in Sub-Saharan Africa to make informed business decisions.

Aggregated data at scale

Discoveries and insights

Tailored surveys and polls

Dedicated to changing how 1.2 billion women access essential health information, services and products, we give women more decision power in their lives - and provide our partners with accurate emerging markets data for business decisions.

Putting women's needs and real behaviour at the centre of decision making


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