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Measurable Social Impact at scale

The most engaging health activator for women in low-resource settings

Grace App breaks down barriers to women's health

The Grace App is



In the privacy of our users' homes, the Grace App is a safe place for breaking taboos and stigmas around female fertility



Created for low health literacy, the Grace App educates and helps our users to make informed health decisions



We provide our users with subsidised health services as a reward for being loyal and engaged within the app 

We guide our users so they can make informed decisions about their bodies

By tracking their cycle and symptoms our users get AI-based period and ovulation predictions to support them on their journey to conceive or to avoid getting pregnant.

We provide our users with personalised educational content and expert-approved information so they can learn and better understand their bodies. Our 24/7 chat gives them access to ask health questions and get support, with no judgement.

When self-care isn't enough, we refer our users to trusted medical services and care, provided by our partners specialised in reproductive health.

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