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Today, Grace Health is the #1 female health app trusted across East and West Africa.

The opportunity is in the scale

This is Grace

Half of the world's population still lacks access to essential health services, and women are disproportionately underserved.


Yet, 1.3 billion women in low and middle-income countries own their own phones and GSMA has projected a fierce increase in connectivity over the coming years. At the same time, the health care and wellness sector is booming and in Africa only, estimated to be worth $260 billion by 2030.


The opportunity is in the scale.

We have built the first ever Female Health Assistant and trusted companion for women in emerging markets. By being affordable, accessible and a safe place for her, we are creating trusted access to women’s health.

Today, Grace Health is the #1 women's health app trusted across East and West Africa

Our Story

Grace Health was founded in 2018 by Thérèse Mannheimer and Estelle Westling. Their vision was to create a digital health clinic in emerging markets for those women who own their phones but lack trusted and accessible information and healthcare. 

In the beginning, Grace was an AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, helping women track their cycles and fertility as well as answering questions about sexual and reproductive health. 

The Grace Health Native Android App was launched in November 2020 in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya and about a year later in South Africa. Today, Grace Health is the #1 women's health app trusted across East and West Africa. 

Grace Health has been appointed "Next Brilliant in Tech"

Over the years, the company has been recognised for innovating the way women in emerging markets get access to female health care. Grace Health has been appointed “Next Brilliant in Tech", where founder Thérèse Mannheimer made a highly appreciated speech on stage at Brilliant Minds Stockholm 2019, a finalist in Fast Company’s "World Changing Ideas Awards 2021", as well as “The Hottest Startup 2021” by Wired UK

The Grace Health team is distributed worldwide. While the home base will remain in Stockholm, Sweden, the company is growing its local presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana to further strengthen the market leader position.

The Founders


Thérèse Mannheimer


User centric venture builder, business developer and strategist with over 10 years experience of working with digital service and product development for Swedish and international companies. 


Estelle Westling

Founder & CEO

Experienced and proven global entrepreneur with extensive business background in emerging markets as well as combining social impact and sustainability to drive positive change.

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