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"I see challenges as a driving force for innovation"

Data insights are crucial when pioneering digital health services in untapped markets. At Grace Health we are welcoming our first-ever Chief Data Officer (CDO), Mohammad AlRawi, who will be a key asset for our Company strategy and business execution. The change from the world's largest angling community at Fishbrain to Grace Health can be seen as a major step, but not for Mohammad AlRawi. “For me, Grace Health is of high interest on so many levels. Fishbrain is an open social vertical around a hobby, while Grace Health is addressing a human need. I see big potential related to the health data and the covering of non-traditional markets. We have to build smart and accessible healthcare solutions that can be scalable. It is challenging, but I see challenges as a driving force for innovation.” “I’m looking forward to working with a team that’s passionate about what they are doing for a product that is greatly appreciated by the users. 30+% of the entire user base is monthly active. This shows a long and strong relationship which is impressive compared to what I have experienced in other growth companies.” With more than 1.2 billion mobile-connected women in low resource settings around the world and a predicted increase over the coming years according to GSMA, Grace Health is operating in a scale game. The health care and wellness sector in our markets are booming and in Africa alone, the market is estimated to be worth $260 billion by 2030. “I’m looking forward to us being the data leader within women’s health on these markets. As Grace Health has the ambition to quickly ramp up I see the potential in our data insights being part of fueling the economies with better decision making.” Data powers the world and fuelling decisions within all areas of society. The lack of sufficient data for decision-making, especially around women and health and consumption/purchase behaviour is commonly named The Data Gap. “I think the winning companies in these markets are the ones that capture nuanced and complex data insights to drive decision making within health on a micro and macro level. Grace Health has the opportunity, a holistic solution, and a passionate and engaged team. This is a perfect alliance for companies looking for a partnership that brings access to new consumers.” Mohammad AlRawi has extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Data Strategy and has worked in diversified sectors and industries like government, health care, finance, and retail. For the past three years, he has been working as Head of BI at Fishbrain, the world's largest community for anglers.

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