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Be in charge

of your health

Experience the first-ever digital women’s health assistant in the privacy of your own phone.


800k women are

asking Grace about: 

Menstrual Cycle

Regular or Irregular, long or short, Grace can help you learn more about your own cycle, period patterns, normalities and abnormalities. Ask about blood color, collection methods, period pain, PMS and more!

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Health & Hygiene

Know when to pay attention to abnormal signs, and feel at ease with common recurrent symptoms that are normal to your body. Track discharge, bloating, headaches, mood, sleep and more! 

Pregnancy & Fertility

Track your fertile discharge. Understand when you're most likely to conceive. Ask about family planning methods and be in charge of your body whether you're trying to get pregnant or avoiding it!

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Track your period and be in control of your body now!

Nharnhar Akua

Two years trying for pregnancy. After two months I started using Grace, I got pregnant. 

Recommended by 
93% of Grace users

Naza Konadu

With Grace, I'm in control. Now I finally understand my cycle!

Akoli Kofi

I so much like this, it helps me a lot to know when my ovulation day and period will come.

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