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"Creating an emotional response is hard"

Grace Health is thrilled to be welcoming our first CPO, Natasa Ravlic, who departed the anglers community at Fishbrain, to now deliver access to women’s health at scale. We asked her to share her thoughts on why Grace is such a unique opportunity, impossible to miss out on.

“Every day, Grace gets over 1,000 affirmations from the users. Seeing this kind of feedback on a regular basis is proof of a product that manages to create and maintain an emotional connection with its users. As a Chief Product Officer, this is exactly what you want.”

“ ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘You helped me…’ are rare and extremely rewarding things to witness from users.”

“It is so rewarding to see empathy and customer-centricity incorporated into the product from its early stages and even more so to see users resonating with the product. Huge credits to the team at Grace Health who are user-oriented and driven to help the ones who need it. This is what sets Grace Health up for success and from any other company that I have worked with before.”

The health care and wellness sector in emerging markets is booming. In Africa only, the market is estimated to be worth $260 billion by 2030. Grace Health is targeting 1.2 billion connected women in low and middle-income markets and GSMA has projected a fierce increase of connectivity over the coming years. For Natasa Ravlic, this played an important part in her decision to join Grace Health.

“I’m thrilled to be part of building a product that will serve a growing community of connected women. The potential is breathtaking! And it is a privilege to address an audience and markets that are still overlooked for historical, political, economical, and other reasons. We are in a favourable position of having been gaining first-hand highly relevant user and market insights that are not easy to come by. How well you know your customers and your market is what gives you an advantage. Based on our users’ responses, we are on the right track.”

Natasa Ravlic comes from a long experience of managing and leading digital products to massive user growth. Prior to Grace Health, Natasa worked as Product Director of Fishbrain and has over 9 years of product experience within digital solutions. Natasa also brings in her expertise on digital marketing from previously heading the same in two different companies.

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