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Does Using Condoms Mean Less Pleasure?

In as much as condoms fall under the barrier method of protection this does not mean they are a barrier to pleasure when used. There is a false narrative that sex with a condom is just not as good, that it feels like “something is missing”. We are here to tell you that the only thing that is “missing” is the chance of STI transmission and in fact, condoms can be pleasurable!

But perhaps you are reading this and you still disagree or find it hard to believe. Let’s see if we could share a different perspective and hopefully change your mind.

Why should I use condoms?

In an effort to try to change your mind here are a few key reasons why you should be using condoms.

They help prevent STIs

Did you know that condoms are the ONLY form of contraception that helps prevent STIs? You might be using a different method to prevent pregnancy but if you want to protect yourself from getting an STI, you need to use a condom. Besides, STIs are not a good experience! - seriously.

They help reduce the risk of pregnancy

Since no method is 100% effective, adding condoms as a backup helps to complement your other contraceptive. This is just in case you make a mistake with your other method or it fails.

They are inexpensive and convenient

I’m sure we can all agree that condoms are super easy to get. They can be found at pharmacies, supermarkets, and online and they are cheap too. You don’t need a prescription to get them and once you buy you can discreetly carry them around.

Condoms can be sexy!

There are two main ‘Ps’ of sex. Protection and pleasure and condoms give you both! There are different styles, shapes, and textures that increase sensation for both partners it doesn't have to be boring. They can even delay ejaculation (cumming), so sex lasts longer. But the most sexist fact about them is they allow you to focus on your pleasure and forget about contracting an STI and reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Can I make condoms more pleasurable?

Speaking of how sexy condoms are, here are a few ways you can increase your pleasure with condoms.

  1. Experiment with condoms - like mentioned above you can try different textures, shapes and even scents. Many of today’s condoms are designed with pleasure and protection in mind. You can get ridges for added sensation, and you can get extremely thin condoms.

  2. Add a few drops of lube inside of the condom - placing a few drops of a water-based lubricant in the tip of the condom before wearing it can turn up the pleasure. Some men even claim that it feels even better than not using a condom!

  3. Place the condom in a sexy way - Everything is made better when it’s done with a little sensuality. You can place the condom with your hands as your mouth follows along combining foreplay and safer sex play.

  4. Forget your bad condom memories - Almost everyone has had bad sexual experiences, but living in the past does no one any good. Instead, throw out those old memories you have about condoms that were irritating or the wrong kind and begin to develop new and more pleasurable experiences with condoms by experimenting with what the market has to offer.

  5. Change your mindset about pleasure - Sometimes the reason why you fail to have a good time during sex is because of your mind and not the condom. Think about pleasure from a mental and physical perspective. Free your mind from stress and anxiety and allow the body to become relaxed and present to receive sexual pleasure.

In summary

Forget all the misconceptions you have heard about condoms taking away all the pleasure. Condoms are sexy and the only way to offer you protection and pleasure at the same time. We have seen their vast benefits and you can always try quick ways to increase pleasure while using them. But remember you need to have an open mind to enjoy them.

Stay informed, stay in control Will you be trying any of these tips?

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