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How to get started in the Grace app

Are you having a hard time understanding your menstrual cycle? The frustration might be even higher if you are on the journey to conceive. It's a fact that aspects like cycle length, signs, and symptoms could be vital indicators if you want to become pregnant faster. However, knowing all there is to it, might not be as easy as it sounds.

That's why the Grace app exists. With Grace, you can be in full control of your body and menstrual health. By tracking your period and symptoms, you will get fertility predictions and tips to help you on the journey. You can say goodbye to trying to calculate all this by yourself and trust Grace as an assistant to do it for you.

1. Start by creating your profile

As soon as you've downloaded the app, like any other good doctor-patient relationship, Grace will want to get to know you first. You'll start by creating your profile*. This will help set the foundation on how best Grace can help you get to where you want to be. *In case you change your mind, don't worry, all information can be later changed in your profile page.

2. Track your period for the first time

Your menstrual cycle history, that is, how long your cycle length is and when your last period started is essential to get your predictions personalised and accurate. If you can remember, input the start date of your last period. Follow the instructions shown on your screen, and select what applies to you. If you don't remember, no problem. As soon as you get your period again, make sure to track it, and Grace will calculate it for you.

3. Track your first symptom

Your menstrual symptoms could serve as key indicators for your general health. After consistent tracking, you will begin to notice patterns that could tell you if something is wrong* with your health.

*What symptoms are normal or not for your particular body and cycle is individual. You can track one or multiple symptoms: bleeding, discharge, sex, cramps, mood, headache, bloating, tender breast, energy and more. All you'll need to do is select one at a time, and then, using the slider, select the intensity of the symptoms which could range from mild to severe.

After tracking, check the chat screen to get tips and learn more about what you've tracked!

4. Learn more by asking questions or reading the blog

One of the added advantages you have with Grace is the opportunity to privately ask questions regarding cycle, health, sex, PMS, get tips and more. You can do this by typing in the chat or selecting and option in the chat menu. The responses you get are instant and approved by medical experts.

Stay informed, stay in control.

Download Grace Health Period Tracker today and let us help you through this journey as you learn more about your body or try to conceive!
Click here to download APP now!

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