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6 Period Signs (That You Likely Ignore)

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Most women have many signs that show that the time is near! Your period is about to start. You must get prepared. If it is your first time you may likely panic, don't worry it is normal. However, if you have bled before, then you may have a hang of things. The reason most women ignore these signs is that they are everyday occurrences experienced for many other reasons unrelated to period.

In this article, we will navigate through the 6 most common signs that your period is on the way that you have often ignored. Pay attention, you will definitely learn something new.

Watch Out For These Signs

Restlessness - You may be tired or even exhausted and may want to catch some rest or nap. However, you will not be able to. Sigh! According to experts; a change in levels, rather than a decrease or increase in estrogen or progesterone, has the greatest potential for disrupting sleep

Headache - As you get closer to the day of your bleeding, you will likely feel pain in your head. Similar to restlessness, it is likely a result of the changes in the levels of a bunch of hormones in your body. Don't get worried. it is normal. Taking a mild painkiller can help.

Sore and Heavy Breasts - Your breasts may feel heavier than normal and when you pass your fingers around them, especially around your nipples, it feels very sore. This is mostly also because of the change in levels of your hormones. The hormone progesterone can cause some breast glands to get swollen and as such, become sore.

Mood Swings - Before you menstruate, your body releases an egg. Due to this, some hormones' levels drop and others such as serotonin are increased. You might experience a feeling of sadness and irritability at the smallest of things. Get it now?

Acne - These are the spots or breakouts that show on your face before you menstruate. The same hormones responsible for your period drop also trigger your skin to secrete ‘sebum’ - an oily substance to lubricate the skin. Too much of this is what causes the breakouts or acne. Click here to download the Grace Health App

Bloating - This is caused by the body retaining water. It is due to the hormonal changes that come with menstruation. Sometimes, a drop in hormone production also causes you to feel heavier than usual and gain some weight.

These signs are a way of your body telling you to prepare for what is to come, both physically and psychologically. If you are experiencing some or all of these signs, it is perfectly normal. However, if your symptoms are extreme, chat with Grace in the Grace health App and get more tips on how to manage symptoms! Amazing huh?

Tell us in the comments section what topic you want us to tackle next. Stay informed, stay in control! Click here to download the Grace Health App

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